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11342 W Folsom Point Dr

Property Address

11342 W Folsom Point Dr
AZ - 85658

Listing Detail

Asking Price $180,568
Listing Type Pre-Foreclosure
Property Type Single Family Home*
Status Inactive
  • Auction Details

    Sale #D53E36D42124
    Sale Date01/13/2021
    Sale Time11:30 AM
    SaleLocationAt The East Entrance To The Superior Court Building, 110 West Congress, Tucson, Az 85701
    110 West Congress, Tucson, 85701   null   null
    Sale Amount$180,568
    Postponed To 01/13/2021
  • Trustee

    Servicelink Auction Powered By Hudso
    Phone: (866) 539-4173

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11342 W Folsom Point Dr